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Give your bathroom a 2016 glamorous update in ten easy steps

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If there’s one thing that everyone can appreciate, it’s a glamorous bathroom. Think sparkling fixtures and luxe materials with a restful polish and you’ve got the makings of a bathroom that oozes glam style. “With glam, there will definitely be a feeling of excess,” says Toronto interior designer Mimi Pineau. “It will be a bit more risqué and over-the-top than creating a purely luxurious interior,” she says.

After years of safe, borderline-sterile bathrooms, interiors dripping with glamour appeal to the many opulence-lovers among us. Although glam style is often thought of as synonymous with Hollywood Regency style, that’s not necessarily always the case: it’s a far broader designation nowadays. The versatility of glam is that it can infuse and overlay many design styles. “Glam style can designed in many ways: modern or retro, luxuriant or minimal,” Mimi says. Retro-style sinks can mingle with crystal chandeliers, clean-lined fixtures can be juxtaposed against an ornate mirror with glittering details. Shine and sparkle are key. “With glam, the decor would most certainly include several reflective or high-gloss surfaces,” including metals, Mimi says.

Here are 10 ways to get the look:
Go big at first, and scale back if needed. “I generally plan on a number of dramatic elements, then scale back as needed, to the point where the client feels comfortable, but the space still feels ultra-stylish,” Mimi says.

2 Light fixtures should be dramatic. Forget simple, go for impactful, “be it a chandelier, large scale pendant, or eye-catching sconces.”

3 Dress the walls richly. You need a dramatic colour, wallpaper or sparkly tile. These add immensely to the overall mood and can create a moody jewel-box feel, or depending on the colour scheme, a cooler glam effect, says the Toronto designer.

Get curvy and shapely accents. “With glam, I think of accessories and hardware with a feminine frame of mind: curvy or mirrored accent furniture and accessories such as shapely perfume bottles that add interest to the decor.”

Avoid white on white … on white. White walls, white fixtures, white towels create a clean, restful and spa-like vibe but they don’t shout glam. Lush jewel-tone hues, ripe pinks, rich creams and even black (think Chanel’s black lacquer cosmetic cases) do.
6 Add metals. Gold still seems daring, but it has been back in style for years now in bathrooms. And the warm tones of brass and copper are coming back in a big way, says Mimi.

7 Luxurious stone is the way to go. In relatively small space like a bathroom, gorgeous natural stone like marble and granite make a splashy, glam impact whether it be for flooring or countertops.

8 Pick a big mirror. “A dramatic mirror as big as the wall space will allow is a must,” Mimi says. Reflective surfaces, shine and sparkle all contribute to glam style, and a big mirror will help you achieve this.

9 Don’t forget the soft touches. In a glamorous bathroom, Mimi says she would display some tactile, softer elements such as very plush towels to contrast with the harder lines of the fixtures and finishes.

10 Remember that glam doesn’t mean gaudy. You’re aiming for a look that’s polished, classy yet alluring. Would a modern-day Audrey Hepburn look at home in the room?  If you’re in doubt, get a second opinion from a fellow glam-lover (or, just check out these glam bathroom decor accessories to get inspired).

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